European Network of Environmental Research Organisations


Bi-annual meetings

ENERO member representatives meet twice a year to exchange views on the European research agenda in the broader environmental field and the role of RTOs therein.

Working groups on environmental topics

ENERO members discuss how they can collaborate better on certain focused environmental subjects (e.g. building materials, open data, environmental effects of nanomaterials, …). This often leads to joined research proposals (e.g. in EU Horizon 2020).

Travel grants for RTO junior researchers

One of the key issues of ENERO is to promote interaction and exchange of young scientists within the member RTOs. The ‘ENERO fellowship arrangement'  provides funding for travelling and accommodation for a young RTO scientist during a visit of 2 to 4 weeks to another member of the ENERO network.

Further info from the ENERO General Secretary b.bergmans@issep.be

ENERO Workshops

ENERO may organize workshops on focused environmental subjects to stimulate exchange of ideas and solutions between RTO members and representatives of the European Commission.  Latest workshop was on ‘How Enero makes GREEN DEAL alive’.

Position paper

ENERO can be partner of the European Commission in shaping research programs towards optimal impact on the environment.

ENERO position paper on environment in research programs

Joint European research projects

ENERO members are often partners in EU research projects