European Network of Environmental Research Organisations

ENERO Workshops

How Enero makes GREEN DEAL alive

Date: 01/06/2022

Programme (pdf)

Presentations (pdf)

  1. Jan Bondaruk - ENERO 30 years - The Green Deal - General EU trends and how ENERO’s research projects can make it a reality
  2. Ewa Kocińska-Lange - ENERO 30 years - National Centre for Research and Development’s role in the innovation ecosystem in Poland
  3. Eric Piagets - ENERO 30 years - Science Diplomacy in the Age of War
  4. Benjamin Bergmans - ENERO 30 years - The European Green Deal More than climate neutrality
  5. Anna Jarnehammar - ENERO 30 years - Circular economy and transition of the Swedish Construction and Real Estate Sector
  6. Roger Dijkmans - ENERO 30 years - Bridging the gap between technology and a circular economy the case of VITO
  7. Ilaria D'Elia - ENERO30 years - On the integration of tools to analyse the pollution-climate and health nexus
  8. Kristina Lygnerud - ENERO 30 years - Optimising household energy consumption by using district heating and cooling water
  9. Mila Ródenas and Amalia Muñoz - ENERO 30 years - Experimental studies and actions towards a cleaner atmosphere for different pollutantsl
  10. Pascal Lehette - ENERO 30 years - Beneficial Uses of dredged sediments from waterways Towards a validation step of sediments as a resource
  11. Gabriele Zanini - ENERO 30 years - Climate services for agriculture, how to prepare the agricultural sector to climate change
  12. Aleksandra Zgórska - ENERO 30 years - Sludge to fertilizer the expertize of GIG to close the loop
  13. Duro Refiz - ENERO 30 years - AI for Climate Sensitive Tree Growth Modelling and Maximum Carbon Segregation